The Impact of Web Evolution on Marketing Strategies


We can’t deny the truth that the internet has changed our ways of life. I believe that I couldn’t live without an internet access because it has become a part of my life. For example, the first thing that I do in every morning is checking my Facebook, and then during my breakfast, I always search and watch some interesting videos on Youtube. I sometimes take a photo of my meal and post it on Instagram. Although we can perceive that our life has never been without the internet, how many of us know about its evolution and also how can the marketers learn and adapt the advantages of this evolution to promote their products.

When the internet first occurred, there are a lot of limitations. Can you remember the day when you were surfing the read-only website? It is the day when you were not only unable to communicate with the webmaster, but also unable to interact with the others who were reading the same web page. It’s called as Web 1.0. After the progressive development of technology, we have come to the era of Web 2.0. In this era, we are allowed to interact with the website. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are introduced to the public. For instance, when your friend posts a photo on Facebook, you can write down your comment below the photo. This change provides a great opportunity to many marketers who can reduce the cost of advertisement and stimulate the participation of the customers. Let’s have a look at this video.

click to watch the video

This video is from “Crash the Super Bowl”, the advertising contest of an America tortilla chips brand—Doritos. The customers can create their own TV commercial, and then these advertisements will be voted online. The one that gets the most popular vote would be the winner.

Even though Web 2.0 sounds good enough, the recent Web 3.0 makes you have access to more specific data. To illustrate this point, if you have seen “#(hashtag)” on social networks, this symbol can help you find the relevant topic that you may be interested in. For example, you might hear about the Ice Bucket Challenge. People, who want to join this activity, have to be dumped with a bucket of freezing water. This activity was shared very fast on social networks by using “#icebucketchallenge”. Another example is that you usually see a “You may be interested in” section on the product page when you are doing online shopping.

Nowadays, technology keeps developing. How far can we go? Web 4.0, Weg 5.0, Web 6.0,…

One day in the future, all data may be linked together. You may get all of related data by only one click with one keyword. Beyond this issue, one day in the future, our computers may understand our emotions. That is no impossible in the virtual world, but don’t forget to use it wisely.

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